Since we are doing some skateboard spots, I had better give some background.
I like skating bowls and stuff like that.
I skate regular and I push mongo---I’m sorry!


Regular and Goofy said...

I never understood ye who push mongo! It is a waste of energy. There is too much movement and the boad can get away from you so much easier!
You better go vert or convert (that was cheesy)hahaha

so said...

dear regular and goofy
we can not fight about this because i agree with you
i feel it is like a birth defect
i must just deal with it
but really I am trying to go both ways now just ask tim.
I push 50% normal and 50% mongo.
Steve Rodriguez in NYC told me just to tell people that i push switch--yeah i like that
but please don't tease me i might just cry
please understand
i'm trying to be honest and up front about this