Along the lines of old skate photos... I'm pretty sure this is the only photo in existence of me skating in my high school days. We were video taping ourselves constantly, but very rarely did any of us take photos. My Friend Dave Brewer took this picture i'm guessing Late '89.
At any rate, Steve and I are doing some skate spots for FUEL tv. One of them is with Mike Watt. The first time I ever met watt in person was when I approached him about doin' the minutemen doc. He said something to me that I'll never forget. He said "I never used a skateboard, but I always try to play my bass the way a skateboarder rides his board". Blew my mind.


so said...

who does that bass belong to?

ti said...

that's watts'

r-fresh said...

Yessssssss. Good post. Whadup guys!? Hope you're doing well. Did anyone ever win that "best winter photo" contest you posted. I think I have an alternate type of entry, if I may.

ti said...


if you enter, you will win. lets see what you got!

ben said...

Noticed your comment about wanting to do a minutemen documentary. There actually was one released in 2005 and is very entertaining and well put together. I highly recommend it.

ti said...

Hi ben, Yeah, We Jam Econo is the film that I made with my friend keith. I Think it was June of 2002 that I first talked with watt about the film and he said those words about skateboarding. Thanks for the kind words about the film.