You can now get the Nacho Libre DVD and see the work Tim and I did on it.
We did a bunch of the behind-the-scene documentaries. It was one of the coolest gigs we have ever done, hanging out in Mexico and watching super creative people do their stuff.

THANKS to Jack Black, Mike White, Bill Rus, Julia Pistor, Lynn O'Leary, Cindy Walker, Emily Sullivan and David Kenny and a jumbo deluxe large and spacious thanks to Jared and Jerusha Hess, and of course our favorite French Mexican the one and only Frederic Henocque.
(look close in this picture and you will see the reflection of Jared Hess)


nic said...

Hey I JUST picked up that dvd! Well met gentlemen... well met.

. : tofu todd : . said...

I see him! I see Jared! Do I win a prize?

Tim, you guys did a great job. Thanks for making a cool DVD.


ti said...

Thanks for the kind words guys,