I had a gig with PIC last week in Hawaii. The gig was to do some instructing at an HD seminar at the University of Hawaii.
I had a Lay over for 3 hours in LAX. I have a tradition that Steve introduced me to whenever I have a layover in LA for 2 hours or more. I walk out of the airport and down to the in and out burger. It's about an hour and a half round trip if you are taking your time. You can do it in an hour if you hustle. I always find it refreshing to get the legs moving in between flights instead of just sitting around. Any of you who have been there know that it's right next to the landing strip of the airport and it feels like the planes are going to land right on top of you.


Mr Sansom said...

Layover can be nice when used properly. Ah, I haven't had an In-and-Out Burger for a few months! Word has it they just opened one in St. George, UT.

Brad said...

I would kill to have an In-and-Out on the east coast. I don't even know what makes it so great, but it just is!

Younger Fat Italian Brother said...

T.I. or S.O. (forever indebted for your flatbed)
Call me next time you layover in L.A. and I will meet you at the LAX In-and-Out Urge. My treat!!!

ti said...


please forgive me, but I can't for the life of me figure out who you are? We don't have a flatbed...? Who ever you are i'll sit down over an in and out with you any time.