I just got back from Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, Canada. I was shooting snowboarding and it was very cold. I was prepared for the cold, but sometimes 20 to 30 degrees celsius below zero can be tough. One piece of great news was that the camera, a Panasonic HVX200, performed amazing. It was so cold I just left it outside all day long even during lunch. If you bring it into a warm building ever for a few seconds it will get wet with condensation, and it takes while to dry out. I never used more than 2 batteries a day. The only thing that gets crazy with the camera is the screen, it starts to freeze up and has a ghost image following the action, but no worries the image on the cards was always solid. The HVX 200 is a super documentary tool. It reminds me of what Albert Maysles said about the Sony PD150 a great camera we used a while back. I guess I am officially over being a film snob especially with documentary.

Tim and an HVX 200.


Julian Acosta said...

Come on man, don't stop being a film snob. Don't forget your roots.

Todd Sansom said...

Don't listen to Julian, the HVX200 is an amazing tool! Just hearing you talk about yours makes me like mine even more. And yes, the PD150 was a heck of a camera.