This is Chris Bauermeister We officially started the film about Jawbreaker with his interview in Olympia, WA. Chris is a real interesting guy, very passionate about history, and toys. Collections of both are displayed prominently through his house. Chris spent lots of time with us talking about jawbreaker. Many thanks Chris.


so said...

Congrats on starting your new film.
Can't wait to see your footage.

rob said...

I had no idea that you were doing a jawbreaker film. That is so so great! I look forward to seeing it.

ti said...

Thanks guys, we'll keep you posted as things progress. I liked your site rob.


Josh said...

Jawbreaker film?! More details please.

ti said...


liked your blog. deets are slim at the moment, we have spent a few days interviewing folks in the SF area, 1 day in olympia with chris, and a day in LA with blake and adam. More trips coming soon. The film will be done, when it's done. Brought to you by the foks that made we jam econo.