What is wrong with this sign?


Anonymous said...

um. for the contest, maybe that no one is standing in front of it as proof that he/she was actually there.
Like Goodman's character Walter in Big Lebowski would say..."If you need an EXIT RANCH sign...I can get you an exit ranch sign..."
see, I can get you a google image of Ranch Exit as well:

go to:

so said...

The deal is that Ranch Exit means nothing.
No gas.
No food.
Nothing to buy.
Nothing of official interest.
Not even a name.
So anyway, you pull over at Ranch Exits to stretch your legs, or take a quiet break.
You usually will see some trash from lazy travelers or stuff people have illegally dumped, stuff usually full of bullet holes.
So when I came up to a sign that said YELLOW CAT/RANCH EXIT I was a little confused and kind of upset.
So this is Yellowcat Exit or a nothing exit.?...a combination exit?
Someone broke MY rules of Ranch Exits signs.
Yellowcat/Ranch Exit, It’s like giving a title to an untitled painting.
I guess I need to be more open to change, new experiences and so on,
but I’m still not sure how I feel about Yellowcat, Ranch Exit.
It just feels wrong.

Anonymous said...

aha! eye-opening indeed. change can be hard. lots of emotions goin' on in so's mind, heart and soul...the anger, confusion, distress, altering world-views and perceptions - not easy...not easy.

Anonymous said...

It's the exit for the Yellowcat ranch road (CR 163)- that goes down through the Yellowcat uranium mines to the north side of the Colorado river (1500' cliff!)