Tim was awesome to invite me on his Baja 1000 gig, his second year my first. We were shooting the Volkswagen, Red Bull truck for Oakley. It was cool to be shooting a Volkswagen because Volkswagen has a lot of history with the race. The new Touareg clean-diesel vehicle is groundbreaking. It is fast, quiet, uses less fuel and has very low emissions (they even use the word “green” if that word could possibly be in the same sentence as Baja 1000). It looked amazing cruising the Mexican desert at 100 mph+. As Fuzzy Hall said the race is the wild wild west, it is unbelievable to watch firsthand what goes on during that race. You see hordes of Mexicans fans just feet away from speeding cars that are bouncing up and down side to side, it is not surprising that fans occasionally die watching this race. Thanks James Masters it was fun.
(These photos: the new Volkswagen Touareg just before the race and an old Volkswagen Bug, still racing.)

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Mr Sansom said...

That would be a very fun shoot. Hope you guys had fun.