We are on the road with David Law doing a commercial for Fuel TV. It is a simple idea, pushing a skateboard through beautiful places. The challenge, nothing man made in the frame but the road and David’s board (and clothes). So far we have been in Goblin Valley, Capital Reef National Park, Hell’s Backbone by Calf Creek, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Big Sur, and now Point Reyes ‘Station, California, north of San Francisco. (photos: photographic horse play as the sun sets in Big Sur and David in Capital Reef)


themattblack said...

Sounds really cool. I hope you post the spot when it's done.

issl said...

u rock as always. hope to see the spot when it's done. it will probably not suck...just taking a wild guess. why is my word verification the word"waxifiso? does it mean - wax me if i'm steve olpin?

Russell Wrankle said...

hey, biotch! why didn't you stop by for refreshment when you were at Zion National Park? We're not to far you know.

so said...

we were going to stop but charged through to so. cal. in a hurry.
I have no real excuse so you can curse my name for 3 days.
did get a bitchin' shot in Zion.