Disclaimer: This is a long and possibly boring post that, although it was an adventure, has nothing to do with our films.

I took a chance. Took a risk. Call it what you want. I was looking at 2 different brats to replace my trusty but now dead one. I made a decision on thursday to fly to burbank on Friday to buy this one, thinking i'd drive it home and be able to sleep in my own bed that night. Well, I should have remembered what happened last time I tried to drive LA to Utah on a Friday. It seems like every living thing that drives in LA heads to Vegas on Fridays. So it took me about 1.5 hrs to get about 15 miles on the 210. So I got a hotel for the night.
Next morning I head out, This "new" Brat has no AC. The whole drive I'm thinkin "I can't wait to hit the virgin river gorge so I can have a swim, cool down, give the car a break." I got to the Virgin River about 2:00, Blazing hot, and.... Virgin river is Dry as a bone. Ugh. I push to St. George and decide to catch a movie while I wait for the Heat to die down some. Movie ends about 7:00, still hotter than blazes out, but I figure the sun will go down soon, so I split.

At Mile marker 33, BLAM, Blow out, drivers rear tire. Closer inspection reveals rot in the tire, that mixed with the heat, muy mal. Luckily I have a full sized spare, and a jack, and a.... Wait, no Tire Iron??? Ugh. Spent the next 20 minutes trying to flag someone down, only one guy stops, he's in a rental and has a spare, a jack, and no tire iron. I call AAA, an hour and half later I'm on the road, I get home a bit before 2am.

On the long drive I had quite a bit of time to reflect on my decision. A good way to learn something about yourself is to spend some serious time pondering decisions you make. After passing through many different feelings, I got to a place where I am now. I think it was the wrong decision, but I'm at peace with the decision I made. I think it's gonna take more work than the other one would have, perhaps I'll appreciate it that much more. Pictures will follow in a few days.


so said...

why don't you get like a Ford Focus or something---something that say nothing about who you are

Julian Acosta said...

I drove a Ford Focus from Portland to Provo a few weeks ago, it was a little red guy. I saw a girl from my home town on the road when I got back, I stepped on it and drove out of site...not that the Jetta is much better

FTL's for life said...

this really has nothing to do with your last post but I want to congratulate you on making the Pearl Jam World Wide Suicide music vid. Tim check it out around the 1:41 minute marker the guitarist is wearing a ECONO t shirt! Not too shabby. I actually didn't read your post but I read this ladys comment and it said Portland to Provo and I just made the drive yesterday som maybe this comment does relate to you post??? Who knows I guess I have to read it.
Much love

me again said...

your crazy you dont head south this time of the summer you head north I tell you NORTH

Anonymous said...

Forget the overheating subaru's, get a Volvo wagon. No AC but still built like a tank, they get 28mpg on the freeway and you can work on them yourself. http://www.brickboard.com/RWD/?model=200

Maybe next time.

SEECOY said...

you is awesomezzz.