I'm on my way to Bali to do some shooting for the Oakley Surf Team. 15 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong was pretty epic. Managed to get a window seat, about 3 hours in, I wake up to the guy in the middle seat trying frantically to explain something to the stewardess. He kept breathing funny and making a motion like he needed an aspirator for asthma or something, This went on for about 15 minutes, at this point I was pretty worried for the guy, near as I could tell he had left his aspirator in his checked luggage. After a bit he calmed down, and then it became apparent that the real issue was that he was completely drunk. At which point he would shift his focus from me to the guy in the aisle, back to me saying things like " I know your awake in there, HAHAHAHAHA" eventually the stewardesses got him up to stop him from causing a scene, But as they were walking him up the aisle, he fell down and I'm not sure what happened at that point, He might have hit his head, or just passed out, but it was a little scary for a while, they were actually anouncing over the intercom that if anyone on the plane had medical training to identify themselves. After about an hour it seemed they had things under control and the flight went smooth after that.
In about an hour I get on the flight to denpasar, BALI. Not sure about the internet situaish where we are staying so this may be it for a couple weeks.

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