This is Sebastian. Crazy 19 year old surf kid. "Sea Bass" would catch at least 7 times the amount of waves as most of the other guys out. Didn't matter to him if it was small and crappy. When I asked him about that in an interview he just said, "when i'm out there, I really just want to be standing up." I fell in love with that answer. Sea Bass has a crazy story too that i'm not sure if I have all the details straight but... He was born at home without the hospital, and never got a birth certificate, for a few years his ma was trying to get one so he could get a passport to start travelling with his sponsors. A few years ago they were getting close and then their house burned down with what little records they had. Finally about 6-8 months ago his ma was able to round up a social security card for him and he got his passport. He is super stoked on travelling.
There's 2 more things you should know about sea bass, his family is gonna be on the reality show "wife swap" and he has three thumbs. Very cool kid. Many thanks sea bass for the good times and inspiration in Bali.

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