Fuel TV is one of my main gigs. I have been doing stuff with them since before they went on the air. It has been a great relationship. It is an honor to work with such creative people. They have been good to me sending me places around the world like Norway to shoot snowboarding, England to shoot BMX superstar Jamie Bestwick, and Hungary to shoot my favorite Freestyle motocrosser Ronnie Renner. I have been involved with their documentary series “Firsthand” and done several commercials for their on air promotions people. Anyway they are putting on a Film, Music, and Art Festival called Swerve. Jonathan Wells the guy who was Festival Director of RESFEST is running the show. This could be very interesting! Films by Anton Corbijn and Doug Pray, art by Thomas Cambell, Chris Pastras, Mike Mills and Terry Richardson and a bunch of music. I think I will have to head to LA to have a look.

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Julian Acosta said...

Can I go with you? Please. I want to be Mike Mills when I grow up...and listen to cool music.