Steve and I went on a bit of a whirlwind trip this weekend. On Wed. night we decided to go for it. Woke up early on thursday and headed to Vegas to catch up with Fuzzy and shoot a quick bit for his First Hand episode. Spent a few hours after that wandering around interbike and catching up with some of our friends there. Then hit the road further south to LA to catch a screening at the Swerve Film Festival and to poke our heads in at the FUEL TV offices and hang out with our boys and girls there. Saw a very thought provoking film called "Surf Wise" on Friday night. By Sat. morning it was back on the road to make it to utah for our New Pollution shoot on Sunday. Great weekend, big thanks to Uncle Dirk for letting us crash at his place last second. Photo is of Chris Pastras Painting for some of the art at the Swerve Festival.

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